The Race Has Returned

I always rode a bicycle, I never raced it.  Maybe I missed out.


The Race is very exciting


Very Competitive

Demons StarBurst-1

Very Fast

The Breakaway-1

Very personal

The distance-1

And you never know the winner until the very end!


Visiting Our Neighbours

Once in a while we like to go away, go where things are not so familiar.  It is important to be aware of other ways in the world.

sister village-1

There is a body of water like ours beside their village, but they have no tug boats.  We have a lot of tug boats, I like tugboats.  It doesn’t make us better, just different.

Going nowhere in style-1

Like us, they have old bricks

window 1-1

Old windows to look out into the world and dream and

need to be old-1

Old wood and old paint to keep our heart-fires beating.  Their world is good, we are very similar.


It’s Canada Day Up Canada Way

Has it been a whole year, wow!  I lived through another one.  That’s the thing about living in the Village, life is good and time seems to melt away, here is a look at life!!

canada band-1

In the Village we like when visitors come and sin for us, even tell us stories, we are interested in everything.

the band 2-1

the band-1

Summer Nights

It is still cool at night, but summer is coming.  You can see it on the day time tee-shirt wearing public or in the different vehicles that cruise the streets.  The leaves are returning, flowers are blooming and voices are singing in the night air.  There is more traffic, the tourists are coming and us village folk are starting to sleep with the bedroom fans on.  No use buying an air-conditioner for our short Summer.  The air smells, it smells of Summer.

Little light 7-1


The Stormy Golden Hour

As any photographer will tell you, wait for the soft light of the Golden hour.  Here in the Village, even storms look good in the golden hour. I am looking into the Sun set and the world is getting much darker as I wait.  In the morning, the sun will be shineing again

night storm 2-1

The Village at Night

Quiet Dreams and simple street themes.

Village at night 2-1

The places we go for comfort

Village at night 1-1

Or the places we go to be seen.

Village at night 3-1

The lights paint the village anew

Villave at night 8-1

And the travelers come and go.

Villave at night 6-1

Until we are once again in our homes, safe for the night.

Villave at night 5-1

The village at night, when the shop lights are burning, but the people have all gone home, save for one or two overworked stranglers.  The traffic is sparse meaning all the other villages are preparing for bedtime as well.




Turning 60 in the Village

Turning 60 in the village is no everyday occurrence, especially for me!!We start the day by visiting another village for coffee.

bday 1-1

and then wee look around for new places to check out because us villagers are a bit nosy.

bday 2-1

Okay, enough of that stuff, we need lunch!!

bday 5-1

Once that is done, we need supper

bday 6-1

And a little after dinner coffee at one of those little places, and we have a lot of little places!

bday 7-1

Birthday in the village is not so bad, aging sucks, but it is better than the alternative.  Did I mention the chocolate Bourbon?  Next time!!… Happy Birthday me!!