The Stormy Golden Hour

As any photographer will tell you, wait for the soft light of the Golden hour.  Here in the Village, even storms look good in the golden hour.

night storm 2-1


The Village at Night

Quiet Dreams and simple street themes.

Village at night 2-1

The places we go for comfort

Village at night 1-1

Or the places we go to be seen.

Village at night 3-1

The lights paint the village anew

Villave at night 8-1

And the travelers come and go.

Villave at night 6-1

Until we are once again in our homes, safe for the night.

Villave at night 5-1





Turning 60 in the Village

Turning 60 in the village is no everyday occurrence, especially for me!!We start the day by visiting another village for coffee.

bday 1-1

and then wee look around for new places to check out because us villagers are a bit nosy.

bday 2-1

Okay, enough of that stuff, we need lunch!!

bday 5-1

Once that is done, we need supper

bday 6-1

And a little after dinner coffee at one of those little places, and we have a lot of little places!

bday 7-1

Birthday in the village is not so bad, aging sucks, but it is better than the alternative.  Did I mention the chocolate Bourbon?  Next time!!… Happy Birthday me!!


Our Ingenious Ways

Here in the Village we have some unusual ways of doing things.  Take our main library for instance, it is centrally located, but what about branch libraries?  All the big cities have them.  So do we!  This is the Red House Corner Library, saves a lot of steps.

The Red House Library 1-1

Down the street, there is an experienced building dressed in Seasonal finery.  Christmas is a most wonderful time of the year, but come on, it is only August!!  Oh yes, I forgot, they make movies here and our little shop of joy and goodwill is the star.

Christmas Movie-1

To be honest though, sometimes our ingenuity goes a bit beyond me.   Sometimes I just don’ know what…

Red Water-1







Village Pride

We celebrate all year long here in the village, today we are celebrating Pride.

Pride 1-1

And there are a lot of us to be proud of our village.

Pride 3-1

Some of us are bold and dynamic

Pride 6-1

Some are filled with faith

Pride 8-1

Some of us are here for the ice cream

Pride 2-1

Whatever the case, we all dance and celebrate

Pride 4-1

As the afternoon bubbles away, we villagers take pride in that!!!

Pride 7-1

A Culture Crawl

The Culture Crawl Village style, this is what it is all about!

culture 1-1

A bit of humor

culture 6-1

A bit of talent

culture 4-1A touch of the dramatic

culture 22-1

A bit of Natural Beauty

culture 3-1

A bit of plane old fun

culture 5-1

A bit of reality

culture 7-1

A bit of fun invading someone else’s space.

culture 2-1

A bit of peddling

culture 8-1

A place to practice and to grow

culture 9-1

And the sincere hope that nothing hits the fan, we got some great culture here in the village, yep!